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  • All initial consults will be booked for 1 hour.
  • Because AUTISM, CANCER & ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE is such a complicated condition, they will be booked for 90 minutes. Please let the receptionist know if your child has autism, you have cancer or alzheimer's disease.
  • All follow up consults will be booked for at least 30 minutes and sometimes may need 45 or 60 minutes depending on the complexity of testing and results.
  • 15 minute appointments are available but are made at the discretion of the doctor for known ongoing patients only.
  • A $50 deposit will be taken when you book your initial appointment for 1 hour appointments and $100 for 90 minutes appointments .This deposit is non-refundable and will be lost for non attendance without notice or when cancellations are made less than 1 business day prior to the appointment.
  • If you give us more than 1 business day notice the deposit will count towards your next consult.

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Our fees are based on AMA rates and may be updated without notice. Medicare rebates are available for eligible patients which are done the same day using HICAPS.

  • 90 minute consult (AUTISM, ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE, CANCER); $380 (level 44 Medicare rebate usually $108.85)
  • 1 hour consult; $300 (level 44 Medicare rebate usually $108.85)
  • 45 minutes consult; $225 (level 44 Medicare rebate usually $108.85)
  • 30 minute consult; $150 dollars (level 36 Medicare rebate usually $73.90)
  • 15 minute consult; $ $75 (level 23 Medicare rebate usually $38.20)

*Note Medicare rebate is subject to change.

Phone consults are also available for follow up patients only and charged at the same above rate. However, no Medicare rebate applies for phone consults.

For initial consults a $50 deposit for 1 hour consult will be taken (see above). $100 for 90 minutes. No exceptions. Double appointments will also need $100 deposit each appointment. (Deposits are Non-refundable)

For all follow up consultations less than 1 business days notice of cancellation or non attendance without notice will incur a $50 cancellation fee which must be paid prior to your next appointment. No exceptions.

As a courtesy our receptionist will try to contact the patient 1 business day prior to the appointment to confirm attendance however ultimately it is the patient’s responsibility to remember their appointment time and keep their contact details updated. Cancellation fees will still apply if we are unable contact you for whatever reason.

IV vitamins prices will vary depending on the vitamin combination required to meet your needs. An informed consent form must be signed before the first IV vitamin infusion. There are no Medicare rebates for IV infusions.


Your tests may or may not be covered by Medicare. Check with the test providers about costs and do not engage any service or lab for a test without knowing exactly how much it costs or when the payment may be due.

The costs of tests and whether or not they are covered by Medicare or Private Medical Insurance is beyond the control of the doctors. The doctors do not request any tests that are unnecessary and will order tests covered by Medicare if indicated.

Please note we do not release results to a patient or third party before a follow up consult for that particular result.

Please note we are happy to administer IV nutrients on an initial consult as long as the patient has done a G6PD blood test and has recent kidney and liver function tests (less than 6 months old). You can also speak to our receptionist about doing these tests before you come in (PRIVATELY BILLED), if you have not done them. The doctor will still have to do a history and examination when you attend to ensure safety.

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Terms and Conditions

Complete Nutritional Medicine is a private practice. All patients should make themselves aware of the fee schedule and expect to pay on completion of their appointment.

Bulk billing of a consultation with the doctors should not be expected under any circumstances.

Complete Nutritional Medicine is strictly APPOINTMENT ONLY and does not cater for ‘Walk Ins’ or urgent medical matters outside of scheduled appointments. There are multiple medical centers in Liverpool to cover these needs.

Patients should see their regular G.P. for any urgent or emergency consultations.

We do not do insurance claims, work cover, centrelink or third party. We do not do medical certificates. Patients should see their regular G.P. for this. We are only interested in the patient’s health and getting them better.

Treatment is often not covered by the PBS and would have to be paid for in full.

Some treatments may be outside the parameters of conventional medicine in Australia however, treatment is supported by empirical knowledge and research data.

The potential benefits and side effects of treatments will be explained and treatment is considered safe.

Patients are free to discuss treatment with other healthcare practitioners and continue to see their regular GP and specialist.

Patients should ensure they arrive before and no later than their scheduled appointment time. New patients should arrive 15 minutes before time to allow for the “new patient form” to be completed and for them to be registered. New patient forms can also be downloaded and completed at home before the appointment. (see above).

All patients need to be prepared to wait beyond their scheduled appointment time if the treatment of the previous patient has run overtime.

Direct phone contact with the doctors is only available via an appointment and fees will apply. Please do not call Reception and ask to speak to the doctors as they are often unavailable during consultation hours. A message may however, be left with the receptionist advising them of the purpose of the call and the doctor may call you back depending on the situation.

By seeing practitioners at Complete Nutritional Medicine, patients must agree to change their lifestyle and habits to improve their health of their own free will.

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