Liverpool Integrative and Holistic Doctor
Liverpool Integrative and Holistic Doctor
Liverpool Integrative and Holistic Doctor
Liverpool Integrative and Holistic Doctor

Liverpool Integrative
and Holistic Wellness Clinic

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Complete Medicine is an integrative general practice where the whole person will be assessed, not just the disease process. Only then can we determine the cause of current and long-term medical conditions. Our management strategy will involve changes in lifestyle, diet and environment as well as evidence based conventional and complementary therapies to achieve maximal wellness for our patients.

Our clinic is located in the heart of Liverpool, with a large multi-storey council car park nearby (Warren Serviceway Carpark), as well as public transport and hospitals. Liverpool is located in the South West of Sydney. 45min from the Sydney CBD.

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Integrative Medicine

While conventional medicine addresses a person's symptoms to treat the immediate problem, Integrative medicine focuses on WHY those symptoms exist in the first place.


Intravenous Nutrients

IV vitamins will be tailored to your needs and may have benefits in immune health, body repair, energy production, and liver detoxification.


Nutritional Assessment

We believe all body systems are interrelated and not isolated. On the initial consult our experienced medical doctors will completely assess a person's health condition.

Dr Mehmet

Dr Mehmet has focussed his attention on integrative nutritional and environmental medicine because he believes that while mainstream medicine is effective in the treatment of acute problems , chronic problems require more of the practitioners time, are more complex and requires treatment of the whole person not just the disease.

Lance Davidson

Dr Inanch Mehmet


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To make a booking please complete our New Patient Form online via the link below, or call our office on 8798 2865 for a PDF form to be emailed to you. Once we receive your completed form, we will contact you to arrange a date and time for the booking. Deposits will be secured at this time.

PDF forms can be filled out, signed and a emailed back to the office at

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